Sign Up! Willows must be in moist areas to survive. Bitter pea (Daviesia spp. Required fields are marked *. I know about the benefits of dandelions, but didn't know about this 'weed.' Asked October 27, 2014, ... Also an application of nitrogen fertilizer in Spring would help the trees put on new leaves faster. Thank you, Lisa. Try all parts carefully and sparingly. Even once they have eaten the leaves they still love to strip off all the bark ... My sheep eat willow most of the year and it is great for feeding to any sheep which are housed. Basil is a popular culinary herb, but did you know that it could also be served to chickens? BARBARA POSTED THAT SHE FED HER CHICKENS RHUBARB BECAUSE NO ONE ATE IT. I’m new to raising chickens, they love to eat a weed called “shiny geranium” or “ cranes Bill”. Finally found Little Mallow, and there it was! Perhaps only a few people know about this. They love the leaves. When dried properly, this can be used to make a herbal tea that is said to help chicks begin healthy. Has anyone ever given them these various plants in their dried form? HOW CAN I GET SEEDS FOR CONFREY, NAPIER, RODDER AND CLOVER. They love it but I don’t know if it’s okay to give them. The wood on this tree is very slender and very tough. However, if you want an advice that is proven and tested, you can feed them with greens like alfafa. Thank you i always hated the smart weed in my yard we have so much of it so instead of mowing or weeding im gonna pick for my first new flock, first time raising chickens they are so smart and so much fun ,so much learning to do thankyou, I read your post and comments and wondering if chickens could eat shaggy soldier weed thanks for any info. Just wondering: if you were lost in a jungle/forest, why can't you eat the leaves of a tree for nutrition? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If we really want to know that how to grow weed then this blog is the best option for that, I really like this blog and thankful to you for posting this blog. Many sources tell me that rhubarb leaves are toxic – so much so that advice is to not even put them into the compost so I put mine in the trash. Currently, I am the lead content curator for Coops And Cages and write exclusively for a few other pet industry magazines, blogs and columns. Here’s a list of healthy treats and then some no-nos:, Surely Rhubarb must benefit chickens in some way?? In fact, they are widespread all over the country. Regardless whether these are fresh or dried, the leaves of borage can be harvested any time. You’ll notice that there are lots of chickens dying for “unexplained” reasons in those groups too…. Mint is an aromatic herb that helps repel rodents and insects. I personally don’t get my advice from “chicken groups”. i LOVE IT AND WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME ROOT STOCK.THANKS Yippee, I can now go pick them and eat them myself! of research, I found this site: rhubarb is poisonous the chickens among the other plants listed here. Try a small bag of it and you’ll see the difference, I promise you. rosebay willow herb I'm unfamiliar with, but if online chicken people are to be believed, it's a yes. In addition, chickens that feed on marigolds are said to lay better quality eggs with brighter yolks. Popular as a laying stimulant, fresh fennel foliage have been added by many poultry farmers to nesting boxes to allow them to gather fresh organic eggs the entire year. Simply hang dry or fresh leaves near the nesting boxes and let it do all the magic. Department of Animal Science at Cornell University; This site contains information about plants which are poisonous to or adversely affect animal health. I’m a part of a chicken group and a LOT of people say their chickens will eat Rhubarb leaves. The seeds are edible as well (those seeds can also remain viable in the soil for at least 70 years.) All kinds of greens can be planted such as lettuce, mustard, spinach, kale, and Swiss chard. As well as the leaves of the bell pepper plant and tomatoe plant. Every willow I’ve seen has a similar leaf shape. […] 7 Common Weeds your Chickens Will Love | Community Chickens […]. Chickens just prefer to eat the way grandma used to feed them…with raw grains! If it bursts, its flavour will be ruined. The leaves on this type of tree are mostly elongated but some are also oval in shape. This plant is known to calm the nerves and also produces a relaxing smell in the chicken coop. 6.