CSCI 4190 Introduction to Robotic Algorithms

Submission Instructions

After spending a lot of time deciphering assignment one submissions (things like .tar files named .zip or .gz, and vice versa, as well as lots of corrupted files), and downloading them (because the object files and executable often got sent to me), and replacing missing files (because a lot of people only sent me what they changed), I have decided to put together some general submission instructions for stuff for the rest of the semester. Please try your best to conform to these instructions when submitting the remaining assignments and your final project; it will really make a time-saving difference for me (which means you'll get your work back more quickly).

When you've finished your project, please do the following to submit it to me:

Get rid of binary stuff! If you're using Unix, run gmake clean. If you're using Windows/VC++, delete the Debug and Release directories and the .ncp, .opt and .plg files. Sending me binaries is just a waste of bandwidth!

Leave everything else! I want all of your source files (even the ones you didn't change). While you're at it, send me all of the test configuration files you have. After you get rid of the binary files, everything left is text (and thus is small), so you might as well include it. It will make compiling your code easier for me, and there'll be less of a chance that you'll forget to send something important.

Give me special instructions! If there is anything special about your program that I should know, put it in a README file in your submission directory since I might forget to go back and look at your submission email when I am grading your assignment. This includes documentation about your test configuration files!

Rename your working directory! This is purely a convenience for me. In Unix: starting from the directory with all of your project's files, do: 1. cd .. 2. mv <dirname> <your_cs_username>. So, for example:

	*beevek@robbie assign2 $ pwd
	*beevek@robbie assign2 $ cd ..
	*beevek@robbie a2 $ mv assign2/ beevek/
In Windows, I'll assume you can figure out how to do the equivalent.

Compress your submission (carefully)! This is what most people seemed to have trouble with for assignment 1 (if they had any trouble at all). After renaming your directory, do this from its parent directory: tar cfz <your_cs_username>.tgz <your_cs_username>. I.e., continuing with the previous example:

	*beevek@robbie a2 $ pwd
	*beevek@robbie a2 $ tar cfz beevek.tgz beevek/
	*beevek@robbie a2 $ ls
	a2code.tar.gz      beevek/         beevek.tgz
This creates a convenient tarred, gzipped file with everything for your submission. If you're in windows and you have Winzip, you could accomplish the same thing (but zipped) by right-clicking on the submission directory and picking "Add to <your_cs_username>.zip" (assuming your Winzip is like mine).

Send us the file! Mail the compressed file to

That's it. If you need to resubmit something, just follow the same process; I will only grade your most recent submission.

Kris Beevers []
Last updated 3/4/03