CSCI 4190 Introduction to Robotic Algorithms Spring 2003

Random Stuff

TA: Kris Beevers
Office: Lally 009
Office hours: Mondays 1:00 - 2:00 (or by appointment)

I am the TA for IRA for the Spring 2003 semester. This page contains various random stuff related to the course, mostly support information and downloads that are useful for the projects. The main course webpage is here.

windows.html Instructions for getting your IRA projects compiled and running in Windows
drawableObject Library The website for the drawableObject Library that you'll be using for your projects
Filereader Library The website for the filereader library for reading configuration files
Simple Vector Library The website for the Simple Vector Library Visual C++ workspace and project files for compiling IRA projects in Windows
cgal_doc CGAL documentation local mirror (removed)
CGAL-2.4.tar.gz CGAL source download local mirror (removed)
remotex.html A brief discussion of remote X in *nix and win32
World2.txt Another world file you might find useful in testing
submission.html Project submission instructions

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Last updated 2/23/03